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The story behind ‘Foggy Morning Therapy’

    My family never knew whether my mother was aware of the pun when she named me Misty Dawn, but my uncle sure caught on…


Uncle Tim, my mother’s younger brother, was my biggest supporter throughout my childhood. He encouraged me throughout my struggle of being hard-of-hearing. He was my champion and cheerleader through some very tough times in my life.

I loved him so much.

Characteristically, seeing the lighter side of life, he nicknamed me Foggy Morning the day I was born, before my mother left the hospital with me. This nickname stuck throughout his life. Every time he saw me he would grin and say,


“Hey, Foggy Morning!”


Hi! I'm Foggy Morning

I understand the challenges that life throws your way and how you must fight through them for growth, achievement, happiness, and acknowledgement. I understand it is never easy. I recognize what is needed to reach the other side and I’m here to help you heal your emotions and achieve your goals. 

On a personal note, I was born deaf in my right ear, with some hearing in my left. I was fitted for a hearing aid in grade school which helped with my academics…however I continued to struggle with my social development.

Not being able to hear like a “normal” child had it's challenges. Many challenges! Thankfully, with the support of my grandfather, grandmother, and my beloved uncle, I learned to thrive in spite of the challenges. I learned social skills through American Sign Language, English Sign, and lip reading. I was later blessed with a Cochlear Implant to hear better than I ever had with a hearing aid.

Misty Hinnefeld, LCSW

My Education


IUPUI School of Social Work 

December 2014 


IU Bloomington Psychology 
Criminal Justice 
April 2008

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