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Safe Space for


  • executive functioning

  • remembering all of the things you need to do

  • strategies to be on time

  • managing outbursts and regulating emotions

Neurodivergence is a way of thinking, learning, and behaving that diverges from what is considered typical.  I'm here to help you navigate a world set up for neurotypical minds.

How you can adapt your life to the way your brain works….instead of trying to CHANGE your brain to adapt to the neurotypical world

Neurodiversity describes differences in brain function and behavior viewing humanity as diverse. The term was originally coined for autism but now encompasses additional ways that brains can function, such as in people with ADHD and dyslexia.

What is Neurodiversity?

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How I can help you and your child

  • Facilitating the expression of emotions

  • Encouraging the development of positive decision-making skills

  • Introducing new ways of thinking and behaving

  • Learning problem-solving skills

  • Improving social skills

  • Facilitating the communication of personal problems or concerns

Types of Neurodiversity I Specialize in

  • ADHD

  • Autism Spectrum (ASD)

  • Persistent Demand Avoidance (PDA)

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

  • Families living with a Neurodivergent child 

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